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Lolita Biz


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Subject: - 1STTIME.TXT [01/01]
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 05:18:18 GMT
Organization: St. Dismas Infirmary for the Incurably InformedHORN PLAYER When I was twelve, my mother and I lived in a hotel in which my mother worked
as a maid. I was left pretty much on my own in the mornings and early
afternoon as she was busy with the rooms.
One of the old time residents was a man named Dave. Dave was a horn player
in the municipal band and lived alone in the hotel. I began to drop by and
see his as he had a blender and would always make me orange drinks and always
had time to talk to me and I, being fatherless, had made him a father figure
in my life. He was very affectionate and often put his arm around me as I
stood by his chair and listened as his calm, gentle voice told me about his
life and music and asked me about school and play. I began to crave his touch
and would lose no time on first being with him in standing close to him and
feel his gentle hand on my bare arm or as he sometimes pulled me to him with
his arm around my small waist.
I remember, so clearly, the day his touch awoke my boyish sexual passion.
I had had erections before & some boys at school told me about masturbation.
I tried it, and it felt good, but I could never get fluid to flow out as they
described it. Dave and I were sipping our drinks and I was, as usual, nestled
up against his shoulder as his hand gently rubbed up and down my bate arm. it
was summer and all I had on was a pair of shorts Lolita Biz and tank top. His arm went
around me as he talked and caressed my stomach and slowly slipped down to my
buns as he squeezed them gently and continued down to my bare upper thighs.
I could not move and felt a stirring between my legs and his long fingers
rubbed and tickled the inner thigh and slowly moved under the leg of my shorts
and began to lightly rub the head of my little member. I was trembling and
wanted him to continue but could say nothing. He was still talking softly but
I heard his voice trembling as his hand supped my tiny balls and prick. I
melted against him and moaned softly.
"Does it feel good honey," he whispered.
I could only nod and put my hand on his a caressed it softly. He sighed and
pulled me to his lap as he had me sitting facing away from him, my legs apart
as his other hand lipped under my tank top and squeezed my bare belly and
caressed my tiny nipples which made me squirm and pant uncontrollably. He was
breathing hard and began to lick and kiss my neck and ears. He turned my head
and put his Lolita Biz full soft lips over mine as I lay in his arms and allowed him to
have full command of my being. I was in heaven.
He slipped my shorts down around my ankles and revealed my stiff little
prick Lolita Biz standing upright.
"He's a brave little soldier, isn't he?" Dave whispered as he took it
between his thumb and forefinger and pumped it gently, I thought I was gonna
die it felt so good.
"Uh huh", was all I could say as his hands were now all over me and were
driving me wild. He got up and carried me over to his bed and kneeling down
beside the bed he began to lick my smooth , naked body from head to foot. I
have never felt anything Lolita Biz that matched that first tonguing I received from that
sexy old man. I lay with my eyes closed as his lips and tongue roamed up and
down my belly, chest and finally resting on my smooth, hairless crotch. He
took my tiny prick and balls in his mouth and gently sucked them and swirled
his wet, marvelous tongue over them. I began to buck and fuck his hot wet
lips involuntarily and he had to hold me down as I reached my first orgasm.
(For a long time whenever I came I would vibrate and jump in a spasmodic
movement. No cum for my first three or so months.)
I lay in his arms for a long time after and dozed off. I awoke to his hands
gently caressing the full length of my body and I smiled up at him, wanting
more.God is a magician,
Reality His trick,
and it's all done with mirrors.
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